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Feather Earrings

Supplied with bag.


Price listed is the price this handmade, silver, art would cost you in a shop, as you are buying direct from the artist I can pass on the saving to you.


About this design and what it means to me:


Feathers have so many meanings. They are from nature and birds. Birds fly and that can represent freedom to many people, but they are also the emblem of authors who write our wisdom and ideas for the next generation to understand. I am severely dyslexic and was told as a child that I would never read and write. My hard work and that of my family and many good educators had paid off and the little girl who would never read and write has a good degree from a respectable university. I guess the quill is the symbol for my hard won literacy. I hope it can inspire others in any dream or challenge they have to face.


About the Jewellery:

One off, original, contemporary silver jewellery. Handmade by Artist and designer Kirsteen Lyons-Benson BA (Hons).

Every piece is a little creation, an artwork, they are not made by machine, they are handmade by me one at a time. They are each given my love and create and attention.

These pieces are made using “metal clay” which is metal and a tiny amount of organic material, then I heat the hardened clay (with a blowtorch) to burn away the organic material leaving only silver metal behind. I then hand polish this to a shine. Hand made products from natural materials will always have slight differences one to another. I think this is part of the charm but it’s possible your jewellery will not be identical to the one photographed.

I have been creating art all my life, starting out with clay in my parents pottery when I was four years old, I have spent a lifetime learning to sculpt and paint and design. I create these pieces because I love to, I hope you enjoy owning them as much as I enjoy making them.

“When you make something unique you advance the culture, it’s not like owning something mass produced, that’s just repeating what came before, you own a little piece of the future. Art is life, art is peace, art is purpose, it’s worthwhile to support that in all of us.” Kirsteen

Silver Shell Jewellery

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Feather Earrings

£60.00 Regular Price
£40.00Sale Price
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