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Flower Earrings

Suplied with bag.


Price listed is the price this handmade, silver, art would cost you in a shop, as you are buying direct from the artist I can pass on the saving to you.


How I feel about this design:


We give flowers at weddings and also funerals. They give life to insects and are the rebirth of a plant. They communicate to insects with smell and colour. They "shout" with their loveliness. They survive on their loveliness, not teeth or fangs or fight, but their beauty.
They are a "yes" in the world of light. If you think that life is dog eat dog or tooth and claw, then why are the flowers never vanquished? I love them all, cheerful sunflowers, delicate sweet peas (in crazy shapes) and dramatic lilies. If you spent a lifetime admiring them it would not be a wasted life.
They are so often associated with peace. And so they should be. Wherever I have been, I have never found the people and places as dangerous as I was led to believe by media and rumour.
I want to continue to look for myself. I think we can all be like a flower and survive by being beautiful and useful, not by being violent.

About the Jewellery:

One off, original, contemporary silver jewellery. Handmade by Artist and designer Kirsteen Lyons-Benson BA (Hons).

Every piece is a little creation, an artwork, they are not made by machine, they are handmade by me one at a time. They are each given my love and create and attention.

These pieces are made using “metal clay” which is metal and a tiny amount of organic material, then I heat the hardened clay (with a blowtorch) to burn away the organic material leaving only silver metal behind. I then hand polish this to a shine. Hand made products from natural materials will always have slight differences one to another. I think this is part of the charm but it’s possible your jewellery will not be identical to the one photographed.

I have been creating art all my life, starting out with clay in my parents pottery when I was four years old, I have spent a lifetime learning to sculpt and paint and design. I create these pieces because I love to, I hope you enjoy owning them as much as I enjoy making them.

“When you make something unique you advance the culture, it’s not like owning something mass produced, that’s just repeating what came before, you own a little piece of the future. Art is life, art is peace, art is purpose, it’s worthwhile to support that in all of us.” Kirsteen

Silver Shell Jewellery

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Flower Earrings

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